Which Hemorrhoid Cream Works Best?

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How to choose the right ointment for hemorrhoid treatmentAre you someone who suffers from hemorrhoids? Have you been suffering in silence for a long-time? If so, in this article you will find all sorts of information on the best hemorrhoid cream.

It can be an arduous journey when looking for the best hemorrhoid cream and many of you reading this will have tried creams in the past that just doesn’t do the trick. There is nothing worse than thinking you have finally purchased the best hemorrhoid cream for you only to find that it just is not right for you.

How about Zenmed treatment? You may ask Why Zenmed? Well, there are a few interesting facts you should know:

1. Zenmed treatment is the ‘complete package’ for eliminating the discomfort and pain associated with hemorrhoids. This ‘easy to apply’ ointment will allow you to shrink those swollen and painful tissues incredibly quickly. There is no messing about here. That pain will be eradicated within days of the product being used…permanently. This is not a way in which you can ‘mask’ your problems like many other ointments out there. Zenmed hemorrhoid treatment is all about getting to the route of the problem and ensuring that it delivers long term effects. This is perfect for those who are suffering from hemorrhoids for the first time or those who have experienced the condition over and over again.

2. Zenmed hemorrhoid treatment has been fully approved by the FDA. This means that you can be sure that only the highest quality ingredients have been put into this cream. You can also be sure that it is 100% safe to use and has demonstrated that it actually works on hemorrhoids. This is one of only a few ointments, particularly of those found online, which has actually been approved by the FDA.

3. One of the wonderful things about the Zenmed hemorrhoid treatment is the fact that it is made from natural ingredients only. This means that there are zero side-effects through use. A great number of other ‘hemorrhoid creams’ are actually made with some rather powerful chemicals. In most cases these chemicals are going to work. In a few cases they can lead to some rather severe side-effects. This is obviously not a risk that you are going to want to take.

What is the best hemorrhoid cream approved by FDA4. If you are pregnant then you will be pleased to know that Zenmed hemorrhoid treatment has been specially formulated to ensure that it is not going to cause harm to your unborn child. This is absolutely fantastic as the vast majority of products that you can purchase are not ideal for use whilst pregnant. This is a great shame as obviously a good proportion of hemorrhoid sufferers are currently going through pregnancy (about one in every three pregnant women will suffer from the condition)

5. Sure; Zenmed is a bit more expensive than a couple of other hemorrhoid treatments on the market. This includes ones that are available from your local pharmacy. However; it has been demonstrated time and time again that Zenmed treatment is the way to go if you want to eliminate those hemorrhoids as quickly as possible.

Do you really want to spend a ton of cash jumping from treatment to treatment in a bid to find something that works or do you want to get it right first time? If it is the latter then Zenmed treatment is the perfect option for you. Click here to visit official site for more information

Hemorrhoid Cream Active Ingredients and What They Do

Different hemorrhoid creams will play host to different ingredients. On this page we are going to take a little look at the various ingredients that may find within hemorrhoid cream. Not all of them do the same job and it is therefore worth reading this article carefully so you know what is right for you. In addition to this; there are some hemorrhoid creams out there on the market which contain multiple ingredients. These will tend to work the best on your hemorrhoids.

Analgesic, Dibucaine is the Main Active Ingredient in These Products

When it comes to hemorrhoid medication you will find that the majority of products on the market will contain some sort of analgesic. The most common of these analgesic ingredients will be, but not always, Dibucaine.

The job of the analgesic is not to eradicate the hemorrhoids. You will need to do that on your own utilizing other methods. The job of the analgesic is to instead reduce the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids. You apply it topically to the external hemorrhoids and the nerve endings will stop sending pain signals to the pain. It will provide almost instant relief if you opt for this type of medication. It is however worth noting that the pain relief is only going to be temporary. You will need to apply the ointment to the impacted area up to four times each and every day.

In some cases your doctor may ask you to bandage the area to some degree in order to protect the hemorrhoids. You should never be inserting this medication into the anus. This means that you should never use it for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids. Whilst it may cause some degree of pain relief if you do opt to go down that route there is still a chance that your problems could get a whole lot worse and that is something that you obviously do not want to be dealing with.

Anesthetic, Most Common Ingredient is Benzocaine

Anesthetic works in much the same way as an analgesic. This means that it will block nerve signals to stop your brain receiving the message that there is pain. Anesthetic is of course used for a multitude of different conditions and it is not just limited to hemorrhoids. It is important that you do not use the anesthetic internally as this can lead to a rather serious condition which does have the potential to be life threatening.

There are various strengths of anesthetic available. Whilst you should be able to purchase most forms ‘over the counter’, if you want something that is a bit stronger, and you will do if you are suffering from a particularly serious case of hemorrhoids, then you will need to talk to your doctor about them prescribing something a little bit more intense for you.

Applying the anesthetic is easy. As with the other medications on this list; you should only be applying the cream to external hemorrhoids. If your hemorrhoids are internal then you are going to need to come up with a different way to deal with them. You should not be applying the cream more than four times a day. That being said; anesthetic tends to be a lot better than other medications at quelling the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids. This means that you are not going to apply it all that often.

For many people, particularly those who are dealing with less-serious cases of hemorrhoids, you should be able to get away with applying it just once or twice a day and the pain will disappear. There are actually very few side-effects to using benzocaine as well (which is why it is the most common anesthetic). In some cases the usage of the medication may lead to a slight worsening of the pain however and this is something which you are going to need to talk to your doctor about as this is obviously not the type of adverse reaction that you wish to be dealing with.


Astringents can be found in witch hazelAstringents come in many different forms. The most common ingredient that you will find listed however is Tannins which come from the plant ‘witch hazel’. Astringents can come in a variety of different forms. They normally come in cream form although nowadays you can find ‘pens’ which can be applied directly to the area.

The job of astringents will be to tighten the inflamed blood vessels. This will greatly reduce the amount of blood flowing into them. This will have the impact of completely eradicating the pain associated with hemorrhoids. Most people will find that their swelling will go down drastically.

It is worth noting that witch hazel is one of just a few natural methods for treating hemorrhoids which has been demonstrated time and time again to have a positive impact on the body. It is however not something that you will want to be using too often. Too much witch hazel on the body can actually have negative consequences. This means that you should always follow the dosage on the cream. You should be able to purchase astringents over the counter without a prescription in most places.


A moisturizer, particularly glycerine, is absolutely fantastic for dealing with hemorrhoids. You will find that the majority of creams around nowadays will contain glycerine to some extent.

As you may well know; glycerine is a natural fat. It is a good type of fat though. Glycerine works by drawing water out of the center of the hemorrhoids and bringing it right to the top. It is said that this will help to speed up healing whilst at the same time helping to reduce pain. Glycerine will also provide a protective barrier for the hemorrhoids which should hopefully lead to them having a lower chance of becoming infected.

It is worth noting that glycerine will not work on its own (although you can purchase glycerine soap). In order to get the most impact then it is going to need to be combined with one of the other ingredients on this list. Thankfully almost every hemorrhoid cream on the market has this and thus you should not have too much trouble in finding something that will work perfectly when it comes to eradicating those hemorrhoids once and for all!


Doctor explaining hemorrhoid ointment active ingredientsA number of steroid products on the market are utilized when it comes to the treatment of hemorrhoids. One of the most common ingredients on the market is hydrocortisone. This can only be prescribed by your doctor.

Hydrocortisone, as I am sure you have guessed by now, is a steroid. This means that long term usage is not recommended due to the impact that it can end up having on the body. When doctors prescribe you with hydrocortisone cream it is likely that they will only prescribe you with a small amount. This will ensure that you do not use it for too long. They will then take a little look at the symptoms and determine whether the hydrocortisone is having an impact on the hemorrhoids or not. If it is, and there seems to be no ill-effect from using the steroids then they will be more than happy to prescribe some more.

You should not expect to be prescribed hydrocortisone, or any steroid for that matter, on a long-term basis. You will most likely only be prescribed medication which contains a steroidal if none of the other creams on the market seem to be working for you, or if you are dealing with a particularly serious case of hemorrhoids.

Steroids are an anti-inflammatory. This means that they can greatly reduce any hemorrhoid flare-up. This will not only eradicate the redness and the swelling but it will also eliminate the pain and the itching associated with the condition too. This means that the medication is going to be incredibly powerful. It will work for most people. In some cases where the hemorrhoids are serious and if the hydrocortisone does not work then the doctor will probably involve steroid injections as the next step, although it is very unlikely that it will ever get to that point due to the effective nature of the steroids.


A number of creams on the market will contain a vasoconstrictor. Perhaps the most common of these is ephedrine.

The job of the vasoconstrictor will be to ‘constrict’ the inflamed blood vessels. This will greatly reduce the amount of blood that is flowing into them. This will in turn lead to a huge reduction in pain and inflammation. Many people find that using vasoconstrictor-containing products will have a huge impact on their hemorrhoids. In fact; you may start to notice an improvement in just a couple of days. This really is a powerful type of medication.

Vasoconstrictor medication can of course only be applied to external hemorrhoids. This is not because vasoconstrictors are bad to have inside of the body at all. This is more down to the fact that vasoconstrictors tend to be included with other ingredients which are not going to be healthy if you insert them internally. As I mentioned at the start though; there is currently no medication in cream on the market which has been approved by the FDA for usage on internal hemorrhoids, although there is a good chance that there may be in the future.

The Natural Route

Creams are absolutely marvellous at dealing with hemorrhoids. Many people will find that they completely clear up the symptoms in just a couple of weeks. If it is possible though; I do urge you to go down the natural treatment route. This is partly down to the fact that medical treatments are not good for you in the long-term.

Medicated products tend to have a number of serious side-effects when used. There is no guarantee that you will suffer from these serious side-effects obviously, but do you really want to be running the risk? In addition to this; medication of this nature tends to become a whole lot less more effective over time. This can lead to a number of issues.

One of the main reasons as to why I really do suggest that you steer clear of medicated products is down to the fact that they are mainly designed to eradicate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. They are not designed to get to the bottom of what is causing the hemorrhoids and dealing with that. This means that the hemorrhoids will most likely end up returning in the near future. Natural remedies are different. The main intention of going down the natural route is to get rid of the hemorrhoids on a permanent basis. This means that they should hopefully never return. It will do this alongside dealing with the symptoms too which will make this a very effective treatment.

You should of course always visit your doctor if you are dealing with hemorrhoids no matter which route you are going to take. This is so that they can look at the hemorrhoids and make sure that there is nothing more serious leading to them.