How to Treat Hemorrhoids

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Easy how to treat hemorrhoids at home methodsHemorrhoids are not a pleasurable condition to deal with by any stretch of the imagination. Thankfully; the vast majority of hemorrhoid cases will disappear within a matter of days. It is very rare that they will last longer than this. On this page I want to take a little look at the idea of hemorrhoid treatment options. These methods will be suitable for both those that are dealing with minor hemorrhoids and those who are dealing with a slightly more serious form of the condition.

It is worth noting that you should never carry out any form of hemorrhoid treatment without heading to your doctor first to have them have a look over the impacted area. This is because there are a number of conditions which can cause the exact same symptoms as hemorrhoids but are not hemorrhoids in the slightest. In fact; these conditions are slightly more serious than that! Having your hemorrhoids looked over will also give the doctor an opportunity to provide advice about which way you should be treating yourself. Let’s take a little look at the hemorrhoid treatment options that you have at your disposal, shall we?

Changes to Diet

I am going to kick-start this list by talking about how you can make changes to your diet. In my opinion; this is one of the most effective hemorrhoid treatments out there. This is because excessive weight can actually lead to hemorrhoids. In fact; the vast majority of people who suffer from hemorrhoids out there will be overweight. Most people will find that as they start to bring their weight down they stand a much better chance of dealing with the hemorrhoids. In fact; I have seen plenty of people out there suffer from regular hemorrhoids only to find that when they practice a decent diet their symptoms disappear completely.

It is important that you try to consume a diet as healthy as possible. This means tons of fruit and vegetables. You are really going to want to cut back on those processed foods, fat, and sugar simply because they are going to lead to some rather severe constipation. This is going to make the pain from the hemorrhoids a whole lot worse when it comes to passing on the stool! This is why it is important that you try to consume as much fiber as possible (do not go overboard as diarrhea will also make the hemorrhoids a bit worse).

Thankfully getting more fiber into your diet is not all that difficult. I am sure that you will be able to find more than enough diet plans online that you can utilize to help you get more fiber into your diet with ease. Hopefully consuming fruits and vegetables on a regular basis should be able to help you out a lot when it comes to this!

If you really want to deal with constipation effectively then you are going to get nothing better than prune juice. This is probably one of the most products out there and you should be able to purchase prune juice from your local supermarket. You may also be able to be pick it up from your pharmacy but the cost of it there will tend to be rather high and thus I really do not suggest you go down that route! You can also eat raw prunes if you wish. The majority of people out there do not like doing that though due to the rather obscure texture (and taste!). It is going to be a whole lot more effective though so try and do it if you can! Read more about diet plan for hemorrhoids.

Self-Care Options

Self-care hemorrhoid treatment optionsTaking care of yourself is also a brilliant hemorrhoid treatment. In fact; combine these self-care options with a good diet then it is highly unlikely that you will ever have to deal with hemorrhoids on a regular basis. When the hemorrhoids do occur again it is likely that you will be able to clear them up pretty quickly:

  • It is important that you do not try to strain too hard when you are passing a stool. The strain will cause the hemorrhoids to become inflamed. In fact; this is how the majority of cases of hemorrhoids end up starting. If you can’t pass a stool straight away then feel free to leave the bathroom and come back later for ‘another go’. If you sit on the toilet for far too long then you will be putting a lot of pressure on the lower area of your body. This is just going to end up causing all sorts of problems in the long term.
  • When you have passed a stool you should not use toilet paper to wipe it away (unless you have made the toilet paper moist to begin with). This is because even the softest of brands will cause severe irritation around the anal opening. If you can get hold of them then baby wipes (because they tend not to have any chemicals or alcohol added) tend to be far better than using toilet paper. If you are dealing with a particularly severe case of hemorrhoids then you may instead wish to wash out the entrance to your anus with the shower head as opposed to using any toilet paper. The choice is completely yours. I find that the latter option works better but obviously you will not always have access to a shower when you pass a stool!
  • Rather than rub the area clean you should instead pat it dry. Just like the other options listed above this is going to be putting a lot less pressure on the impacted area! You will find that doing this is going to be a lot easier if you use baby wipes or moistened toilet paper. It is not all that effective if you use dry toilet paper.
  • Finally; when you have an urge to pass a stool then you should be running to the bathroom as soon as possible in order to deal with it. If you do not pass a stool straight away then it is likely that you will end up dealing with constipation. As we covered above; constipation is probably one of the worst things out there when it comes to hemorrhoids!


If you head to the doctor then it is likely that they will recommend that you take some sort of medication for your hemorrhoids. Some of the medical hemorrhoid treatment options that I mention on this list are going to be prescribed medications whilst others you should be able to pick up from your local pharmacy without a prescription. As I mentioned previously though; it is probably going to be best that you head to a doctor first to make sure that you are at least dealing with hemorrhoids:

  • Corticosteroid Cream: This is a medication which will only be prescribed. You will also only be prescribed it for one week at a time. This is because the medication is steroid-based. If you use it for any longer than a week then it is likely that there will be serve side-effects. Your doctor will most likely suggest that you keep an eye out for any negative effects whilst using the cream. You will probably only be prescribed this for the more serious cases of hemorrhoids. Read more about hemorrhoidal ointment active ingredients.
  • Painkillers: In most cases of hemorrhoids you will probably dealing with at least some pain. You can purchase paracetamol over the counter. Do not use other over the counter products as they can lead to constipation. In some cases your doctor may also be able to prescribe you some sort of topical medication that can applied to the area to relieve you of pain.
  • Laxatives: If constipation is the root cause of your hemorrhoids of if you are dealing with constipation at the same time then it is likely that your doctor will suggest that you use some sort of laxatives. They will be able to prescribe you some or you could pick some up from your local pharmacy without a prescription. As I mentioned previously though; one of the best laxatives around at the moment is prune juice and drinking this should be absolutely fantastic for your health!

Surgical Options

Surgical options when treating pilesIf the other options on this list do not work as a hemorrhoid treatment then it is likely that your doctor will start to look into surgical options. These options will often be ‘last resort’ for the most serious cases of hemorrhoids. If you are dealing with a minor flare-up then you probably do not have to pay much attention to this list:

  • Banding: This method involves the tightening of an elastic band around the impacted hemorrhoid. This will cut off the amount of blood flowing into them. Within about a week of this procedure being carried out it is likely that the hemorrhoid will fall off. The surgery is pretty quick and there is no long term impact from it. It is likely that you will be back up and running the next day!
  • Injections (Sclerotherapy): This is an alternative to banding. This treatment option will involve an injection into the impacted blood vessels. This will numb the impacted area and harden the impacted tissue. The hemorrhoids should drop off within a week. There is a small amount of pain associated with this condition.
  • Surgery: The final option is surgery. This is only for the most serious cases of hemorrhoids. With this condition the hemorrhoids will be removed under anaesthetic. More information about hemorrhoid surgery.

Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

In this section I am going to go through the various natural hemorrhoid treatment options. This is not a complete list. There are hundreds of different concoctions people have come up with out there. These methods seem to be some of the most effective however:

  • Witch Hazel: You can pick this up from your local health food store although a great deal of decent pharmacies will also keep it. Witch hazel will help to decrease hemorrhoid bleeding and will relieve any pain, itching, or swelling associated with the condition. In some cases it may even lead to the hemorrhoid ‘falling off’. You do not want to go overboard with this treatment as some people do have some negative side-effects to using witch hazel.
  • A 20 minute sitz bath is perfect for eradicating the pain. This method involves filling up a bath tub with lukewarm water up to your hips. You can then sit in it for a short period of time. This should help to relive you from constipation and some of the pain associated with the haemorrhoids, especially when treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy.
  • Exercise, at least thirty minutes a day. This will help to stimulate bowel function (i.e. stop constipation) and relieve some of the pain associated with hemorrhoids. As I mentioned at the start; hemorrhoids are normally linked to excessive weight. If you are overweight and suffer from hemorrhoids on a regular basis then you almost certainly should be exercising regularly!
  • Butcher’s Broom: This is another remedy which you should be able to pick up from your local health food store. This method works in much the same way as witch hazel insofar as the fact that it will constrict the hemorrhoids and stop blood flowing into them. This will eventually lead to the hemorrhoid falling off.
  • Vitamin E Cream: If you can find Vitamin E cream at your local health food store then you should almost certainly give it a go. This method is absolutely brilliant for repairing the area that has become damaged by the hemorrhoids. Read more about hemorrhoid home treatment

Remember; this is just a very quick guide to hemorrhoid treatment options. There are other things which may also work with you. I do however suggest that you get started with this list and you should be fine. Remember; you should always take a trip to your doctor beforehand in order to determine whether you are actually suffering from hemorrhoids or not.

Conclusion on How to Treat Hemorrhoids

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