What Are Hemorrhoids?

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Informative answer to what are hemorrhoids and why do we get themI am going to let you in on a little secret here, every single person is going to suffer from Hemorrhoids (or Piles) at least some point in their life. There is no fighting it, it will happen.

Thankfully however, only around 4% of people will ever suffer from the condition so much that it begins to affect their life. In fact, the majority of people will never know that they are suffering from the condition. In this article I intended to answer the question ‘what are hemorrhoids?‘ as well as run you through a few of the symptoms and treatment options available. Let’s jump in shall we?

So, What are Hemorrhoids?

Well, to put in the simplest way possible, they are swollen clumps of tissue and blood vessels. They can occur either inside or outside of the anus. It is generally the latter which is the most common however Hemorrhoids can cause extreme amounts of pain, and a lot of ‘scratching’. As mentioned previously, everybody is going to suffer with the condition to some extent, but most of the time the swelling isn’t going to be noticeable enough to cause too many issues. However, the older you get, the more likely it is you are going to suffer from the condition.

So why do these blood vessels, muscle and tissue start to swell up? Well, we will cover that in a second, the specific causes at least. The main reason as to why they swell up however is because a lot of pressure is being placed on them. This can of course cause them to become sore. The more pressure that is placed, the bigger that they are going to get.

How can you spot Hemorrhoids?

Well, quite easily in fact. The signs should hopefully be there a long time before the pain and itching starts. This will be traces of blood on your stool after you have passed, you may even notice blood on the tissue when you wipe. As the condition progresses, you will start to notice a lot of discomfort in the area. This will eventually cause you to want to scratch it a lot. As the condition further progresses, you will experience a lot of pain. If you are in the ‘at risk’ group for Piles, then it is likely you will be able to notice the condition a long time before it actually happens.

If you notice the symptoms, you don’t actually need to visit your doctor straight away. What many people don’t realize is that in most cases, Hemorrhoids are going to disappear on their own, providing you make certain changes to your life. I won’t delve into those right now, but it basically involves eating a lot healthier and a bit of ointment should help the condition. Only if they don’t clear up after a couple of weeks, or if the pain becomes far too intense to bear should you visit a doctor.

What Causes Hemorrhoid to Appear?

Get to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids and constipation at homeSo, there is no sense in asking ‘what are hemorrhoids’ without knowing what causes them. Generally speaking, there are two main causes of Hemorrhoids, well, two groups of causes at least. Let me run you through both of them.

Firstly, you have ‘uncontrollable’ causes of Hemorrhoids. These are things which you have absolutely no control over. As mentioned before, Hemorrhoids as a ‘painful condition’ are still extremely unlikely, but if you fall into one of these ‘at risk’ groups then you should always be on the look out for those early signs.

  1. Studies have shown that genetics play a huge role in determining whether somebody will suffer from the condition or not. If somebody in your family was a regular sufferer of the painful type then it is something that needs to be checked from time to time.
  2. Age also plays a major role. This is because your body starts to become weaker as you age. If you are over the age of sixty then you should certainly be on the look out.
  3. Pregnancy is a rare cause of Hemorrhoids, and of course you are not really going to have any control over it. The good thing is, this is something which clears up pretty quickly after pregnancy.

In addition to this, there are a number of things that can cause hemorrhoids which you do have control over. This includes things such as ‘straining’ too much when you try to pass. This is often the result of constipation, although many people who try to ‘rush’ their passing also suffer from piles. If it is a result of constipation, and you find that this is a common problem then you should look into the idea of incorporating more fibre into your diet. In addition to this, those that are overweight tend to put a lot more pressure on this area of their body, and that of course is going to lead to swollen blood vessels. The only way in which you can combat this is by leading a healthier life. Read here how to prevent haemorrhoids.

Is There Any Safe Treatment Available?

When most people are searching for the answer to ‘what are Hemorrhoids?’ they are generally looking to find out more information on the various treatment plans that are available. Perhaps one of the most common treatments available is FDA Approved Hemorrhoid Ointment. Please note: you won’t be able to purchase this from any local pharmacy. Whilst this will not completely clear up the condition, it will relieve you of a great deal of pain. In some situations, and this only happens if the condition keeps returning, your doctor may give you the option of surgery. This involves removing the veins in the problem area. This is often a last resort though, and it is generally only needed in a handful of cases.

Hopefully this has give you a bit of information on ‘what are hemorrhoids?’ and perhaps more importantly, how you can spot and deal with hemorrhoids. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how painful or uncomfortable the condition is, this is something that can be treated incredibly easy, you just need to start sooner rather than later! For more information on ‘what are hemorrhoids’ please watch this video: